About Us




Nigerian Youth in Diaspora organisation is a youth led organisation which aims to connect, represent and inspire Nigerian youth abroad and those living in Nigeria. NYIDO-UK is the United Kingdom strand of the NYIDO International network which supports and represents the interest of Nigerian youth in the UK.

OUR VALUES           

Participation: We value meaningful participation from all Nigerian youth in the UK, enabling and empowering them towards self-development.

Inclusion: We value the inclusion of all, by working with youth from all classes and age groups, to ensure a rich mix.

Equality:  We value all Nigerian youth, promoting their rights equally in the UK and around the world.

Youth Leadership: We value, nurture and encourage young people to get active and assume leadership roles so as to become tomorrow’s leaders today for a better future


The vision of NYIDO is to be a unifying platform where Nigerian youth in the UK will be empowered and engaged through: Mentoring, Career Opportunities, Apprenticeships, Work Experience, Sports engagement, raising awareness of the Nigerian culture, reduction of gang membership, violence and radicalisation.

Several approaches have been designed to foster the effectiveness of NYIDO i.e. understanding the needs of our youth and engaging them in areas of interest which will help them learn and appreciate their culture.


To empower, support and engage Nigerian youth to become high achievers and always stay positive.

To ensure that the views and voices of Nigerian youth are heard in order to advance their rights and take part in decision-making within the community.

To develop an effective successor generation by involving the youth in positive thoughts and ventures that would dissuade them from social vices such as crime and gangs through Mentoring and good leadership building

To recognise and appreciate young Nigerian achievers in the UK through our Annual Awards event.

To act as a medium to educate Nigerian youth in the UK about their culture and Heritage.

To work as a progressive body together with other Nigerian organisations in projecting a positive image of Nigeria to the world.