Why you should temp while you search 03 Jul

Why you should temp while you search

The thought of temping is unlikely to fulfil you with the same sense of excitement as landing that dream, permanent role. However, it can be a great solution for those in the midst of a long (and frustrating) job search. While temping isn’t necessarily something you might see yourself doing long term, it can be a rewarding and constructive way to bridge the gap between roles or to transition between studying and full-time work.

These are just some of the many positives about temping during your search:

  1. It will keep you motivated
    As your friends and loved ones trot off to work, being left at home to trawl through job sites and application forms can be fairly demoralising. Temping will give you back your routine and sense of purpose; this will make it easier to maintain motivation and productivity throughout the job-hunting process.
  2. …and remunerated
    While temping gigs don’t usually pay as much as permanent roles, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you could earn. If nothing else, having money coming in each week is a major confidence boost and will help you to stay sane by allowing you to keep doing the things you enjoy during your search.
  3. It’s more flexible than you think
    As long as you’re up front from the start, temping agencies and employers will usually allow you to fit your work around interviews and your other commitments. You’ll also have a direct say in when and the way you want to work, so there’s no obligation to commit to a situation that doesn’t suit you.
  4. It looks good on the CV
    Too much blank space on a CV is never a good look, and employers will look favourably on your desire to get out there and earn a living. Even if the work you’re doing is a departure from your desired role, a willingness to roll up your sleeves will earn you a sizeable chunk of respect with potential hirers.
  5. You’ll gain new experiences
    The transient nature of the temping world means you’ll likely get exposure to a variety of different roles within a short space of time. This can be a great way to add a few new strings to your bow, and it can also be fertile ground for career inspiration whether you’re mid career or just starting out in your professional life.
  6. … and contacts
    As you pass through different offices and departments you’ll find yourself working closely with people from various walks of life. It’s an opportunity to observe different working styles and pick up useful tips, and you may well develop contacts for your job search and for your later career. All things considered, there are plenty of worse ways to spend the time between roles, not least sitting around at home going stir crazy in your pyjamas. While your job search rightly remains at the top of your list of priorities, you may as well make the most out of the rest of your time during the process. Reference: US News; The Muse; Griffith University